Play a Game of Kayak Polo!

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If you’re like us you have been kayaking all over NYC this summer polishing up on those kayaking skills. So how do you take those skills to another level, you ask? How about throwing in a ball and a net, and assembling into a team for some Kayak Polo!?

“Kayak Polo is played with five players per team in specially designed kayaks on calm water. The object of the game is to score goals in a net suspended 2 meters above the water. It is a fast and active team sport, similar to both basketball and water polo, and a great way to improve boat-handling skills and rolling.” @newyorkkayakpolo

Each Saturday, there are entry level social sessions for a more relaxed game. Your first two sessions are offered free (apart from a $5 single-event insurance fee) NYKP has club boats, paddles, and protective gear available for players who do not have their own equipment and encourage you to reach out to other players to learn the game.

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