#TakePrideOutside with GOAT

Keith Oberlin is the founder of Get Out and Trek, an outdoor adventure company created to give the LGBTQ community a safe, welcoming place to experience the outdoors, and creator of #TakePrideOutside.  

What I usually get is “Why a ‘gay’ outdoor adventure company? Don’t you hike like everyone else?” While gays in heels popping fan on social media might suggest otherwise, yes, we do hike like everyone else (but admittedly maybe with more style.)

There is something different though. Like lots of other gays, I didn’t grow up seeing myself outdoors, in outdoor advertising, or even heading outdoor companies. Our place, our culture is rooted in the city life. So, GOAT is about changing that. The outdoors are amazing, from the beautiful panorama that reveals itself, an incoming wave that swamps your raft, to the wildlife you encounter on a hike. Everyone should have access to the outdoors … especially gay people.

Which goes double during Pride Month. It’s our time to celebrate our culture, history and progress. Bars and clubs are super fun but so is rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding. We launched our #TakePrideOutside campaign to encourage the LGBTQ community to do something different and get outside during pride. And by outside, I don’t mean taking your drink out on the sidewalk.

Like how, you ask?  We kick off summer and World Pride Month with a picnic and hike at Storm King Art Center. It’s where high art meets nature. And it’s stunning. We don’t stop there.

We climbOut for Pride at an outdoor bouldering gym with a New York skyline view King Kong died for.

And, who can resist a unicorn? We couldn’t. It’s Pride after all. So we are floating down a river in a flotilla of inflatable unicorns. Too gay? Then, learn to surf in Asbury Park. Or come kayak the Hudson with us. We’re throwing in a castle and farm-to table eats on that trip.  Lots more, just check out our website.

The point being, get out! As a queer community, we face a lot of challenges. Getting outdoors shouldn’t be one of them. GOAT is dedicated to creating a place where the LGBTQ community feels at home. Safe. Respected. Whether you’re an athlete, a wannabe adventurist, or just bored and looking for fun. Take Pride Outside!

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