Marine Park Salt Marsh Trail

Did you know “Salt marshes play a critical role in the support of human life, acting as natural filtration systems by trapping pollutants that would otherwise contaminate our bays and oceans. Salt marshes have the ability to absorb fertilizers, improve water quality, and reduce erosion. They are also among the richest wildlife habitats”. Marine Park in Brooklyn is home to the Salt Marsh Trail, an easy 1.1 mile loop hike that takes you along a gravel path surrounded by green marsh. This is a great location to bird watch, trail run or just get away from the honking cars.

Friendly reminder that living in the biggest city in the world comes with bigger environmental impacts. So don’t just “Leave No Trace” help clean the place and take some trash out with you!

The Spot: Marine Park

Location: 3301 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY

Hours: Monday-Sunday 6am-9pm

Price: FREE

Get there: Biking or Bus B100

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